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Galactic Channelings

Böcker, DVD-föredrag, m.m.

I sina böcker och DVD-föredrag delar Sheldan Nidle generöst med sig av sin djupa och unika kunskap, både vad gäller dåtid, nutid och framtid.

Vad sägs om boktitlar som:

Your Galactic Neighbors

In it, you will find up-to-the-minute facts on 22 off-world civilizations that belong to the Galactic Federation of Light. Whether you already have a basis of knowledge about extraterrestrial Beings, or you are just becoming aware of their existence, this book will add immeasurably to what you know.



Your First Contact

“Your First Contact” will take you on an amazing journey into Earth’s past, present and future. It will give you a comprehensive overview of your off-world origins, your true purpose and your spiritual destiny.



Selamat Ja!

The ascension shift that lies within reach is full of concerns clouded in uncertainty. This book helps to clarify these issues and shows you how to create a light network that is solution-focused and self-organizing and that points the way toward the restoration of your full consciousness.



Eller DVD-föredragen:

The Shifts are Coming...
Are You Ready?
(2 hr. DVD)

What major events will change
our civilization forever?
What are the choices and
who has the power to make them?

Inside Sheldan's DVD:
• The Great Reality Shift • A Shift in Consciousness
• The Shift in our Physical Reality
• The Shift in Mother Earth
• A Watershed in our History • The Geopolitical Elements
• Playing out the Geopolitical & Consciousness Scenarios • Earth Changes
• Defining the New Reality • Our New Conscious Selves


Sheldan Nidle Takes You on a Personalized Tour of a

(118 min. DVD)

Beam Aboard for the
Trip of a Lifetime

Tour Highlights:
• Up and Away • The Wonders Begin
• Walking Through the Valleys of Magic
• Living the Dream • Adrift in the Cosmic Garage
• Music and Joy Like Never Imagined
• A Land of Food and Abundance
• The Wonders of their Science
• Partaking of their Knowledge • Time to Bid Adieu



Inner Earth Your Future Home
(109 min. DVD)

Sheldan’s new Inner Earth DVD brings
everything into focus about our galactic future,
explaining what will happen to us, our family,
friends, pets and treasured possessions.

Detailed Information about:
• Restoring the Earth • Earth Today
• Hidden Portals • ET Origins
• Inner Earth • Agartha
• Inside Crystal Cities
• Typical Residence • Shamballah
• Metamorphosis Chambers • Your Transition


Back to Being Galactic Humans (2 hr. DVD)Get ready to become a Galactic Human

Discover how metamorphosis chambers
will transform us into Galactic Humans.

• Meet the First Contact Team
• Reunite with the Agarthans: People of Inner Earth
• Daily Life and Culture in Inner Earth
• Visit a Galactic Federation Command Base
• Your Transition After First Contact
• Prepare for Your Migration to Inner Earth
• Your Personal Metamorphosis Chamber
• Galactic Humans in Training
• Hello Galactic Neighbors!

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