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Arbets Övningar för PAG's
Övning 1 - Fluid Mgmt
Övning 2 - Fluid Mgmt
Övning 3 - Fluid Mgmt
Övning 4 - Fluid Mgmt
Övning 5 - Fluid Mgmt
Övning 6 - Fluid Mgmt

Övning 7 - Fluid Mgmt




Arbets Övningar för PAG's

Övning 1 - Fluid Mgmt

This exercise will be the first of a series of working lessons. They are intended to provide insight on what fluid management is and how it can be successfully applied to your PAG and its mission.

Fluid management, for those who are not familiar with the term, is based upon the use of one another?s talents and abilities toward a common goal. My initial purpose is to move you through a full appreciation of what ?fluid management? is all about.

Our first exercise is a simple one that many of you have probably already done. Start by asking each individual in the PAG group to list what she/he sees as her/his talents and abilities. The list should contain no less than three, and no more than ten items. Assemble the group and compare each person?s list to those of the others. Finally, ask the PAG members how they feel their talents and abilities intermesh. Discuss how these talents and abilities can contribute to the goals of your PAG.

Sheldan Nidle


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